The Tentacle Monster’s Host

The Tentacle Monster's Host

4 SCORCHINGLY HOT stories in a single BUNDLE

This is a 4 book Science Fiction Horror box set that contains RAW, HOT and INCREDIBLY SEXY Sci-Fi horror stories which will get your pulse pounding and your temperature rising!

Also includes a free BONUS story.

This is the full collection of The Tentacle Monster’s Host stories!

Seduced By The Symbiote:
Arianny is the captain of a deep space salvage vessel. She’s lonely, down on her luck and desperate to earn enough money from salvage to turn her life around. Her current job is a last gasp bid to scrape enough money together so that she can pay her mounting debts. But she finds more than she bargained for, floating amongst the derelict space junk: a mysterious tank of unknown origin.

When the tank opens and a shapeshifting, tentacled alien symbiote emerges, Arianny finds that the creature plans to use her as a living host, filling her body – and belly – with itself. But first she finds herself seduced by its relentless onslaught of taboo pleasures. She must try retain any vestige of her self as the ravenous alien uses its tentacles to explore her willing body in ever more extreme and stimulating ways, overwhelming her mind as well as her flesh.

Shared By The Symbiote:
When Arianny found the mysterious cylinder of unknown origin floating in space during a salvage mission, she thought she could sell it and pay her mounting debts. Instead she discovered that it contained a tentacled, shapeshifting alien symbiote with monstrous desires and plans for Arianny’s belly.

Now she is losing control of her body and mind as the symbiote continues with its plan to share her body as a living host for its multiplying mass. Can Arianny hold on to her sense of self long enough convince it to help her achieve her dream of owning a deep space trading vessel? Will she be able to come to terms with the fact that the taboo, shared pleasures it exposes her to are her own fantasies made real?

Seeded By The Symbiote:
Arianny’s fortunes are beginning to turn around. She’s paid off her debts, bought a new starship and turned some of her deepest fantasies into reality. It’s all thanks to the shapeshifting alien symbiote living in her body. Now the alien has only one thing on its mind: stretching her with its hot, hard and hungry tentacles.

Arianny secretly loves the way the alien takes control, desires the pleasures only those tentacles can produce, and is starting to crave the elixir those tentacles release when stimulated in the right way. The only problem is the worry that she’s losing control of her own mind as the symbiote’s influence over her grows.

But when the symbiote divides itself into two, only one part can stay with Arianny. Will she finally regain control of her own body and mind?

Does she even want to get free of the Symbiote, or will she choose to be its host forever?

Surviving The Symbiote:
At last, Arianny seems to have her life sorted out. She’s the captain of a deep space trading vessel, complete with a great crew, and she’s finally free of the giant tentacled alien that had used her as a host. True, there’s still a small symbiote living inside her, taking the creamy nourishment which it needs and which she’s full to bursting with. She meets its needs, and it meets hers. It seems like a perfect, steamy arrangement.

But Arianny soon realizes there’s a problem: the smaller alien can’t stretch her eager body with its hot, hard and hungry tentacles. The larger symbiote is all too willing to take care of Arianny’s hungers, but it becomes jealous. If it can’t have her all to itself, it will destroy the smaller alien living inside Arianny’s body! When disaster strikes, Arianny finds herself trapped aboard her space ship with a maddened, insatiable tentacle monster. Will she be able to survive its crazed pursuits and insistent desires, and will she ever regain control of her own body and mind?


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