The Dragon Shifter’s Mate

The Dragon Shifter's Mate

Tina is happy working at The Selkie’s Kiss tavern. She has no time for fairy tale dreams of romantic maidens and dashing knights. As far as she’s concerned, that fantasy is for other women. She satisfies her physical urges with the flirtations (and occasional fumbling encounters) of handsome and wealthy customers, works hard and enjoys her predictable routine life.

But when a shadowy, mysterious stranger enters the tavern, she’s instantly attracted to him, and he returns her wild, passionate desire.

Unfortunately for Tina, he has a secret: he’s actually a shapeshifting dragon. Will Tina be able to satisfy the needs of this man who is also a huge, powerful beast? Will she fulfil her own wild lusts with this mythic creature? Will she find her soul’s desire, and will her shifter find his mate?

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