Surviving the Symbiote

Surviving the Symbiote

At last, Arianny seems to have her life sorted out. She’s the captain of a deep space trading vessel, complete with a great crew, and she’s finally free of the giant tentacled alien that had used her as a host. True, there’s still a small symbiote living inside her, taking the creamy nourishment which it needs and which she’s full to bursting with. She meets its needs, and it meets hers. It seems like a perfect, steamy arrangement.

But Arianny soon realizes there’s a problem: the smaller alien can’t stretch her eager body with its hot, hard and hungry tentacles. The larger symbiote is all too willing to take care of Arianny’s hungers, but it becomes jealous. If it can’t have her all to itself, it will destroy the smaller alien living inside Arianny’s body! When disaster strikes, Arianny finds herself trapped aboard her space ship with a maddened, insatiable tentacle monster. Will she be able to survive its crazed pursuits and insistent desires, and will she ever regain control of her own body and mind?

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