Spread for the Symbiote

Spread for the Symbiote

Arianny’s fortunes are beginning to turn around. She’s paid off her debts, bought a new starship and turned some of her deepest fantasies into reality. It’s all thanks to the shapeshifting alien symbiote living in her body. Now the alien has only one thing on its mind: stretching her with its hot, hard and hungry tentacles.

Arianny secretly loves the way the alien takes control, desires the pleasures only those tentacles can produce, and is starting to crave the elixir those tentacles release when stimulated in the right way. The only problem is the worry that she’s losing control of her own mind as the symbiote’s influence over her grows.

But when the symbiote divides itself into two, only one part can stay with Arianny and the other part turns hostile and terrifying. If it can’t have her, no alien can! Will Arianny be able to survive its crazed pursuits and insistent desires, and will she ever regain control of her own body and mind?

Does she even want to get free of the Symbiote, or will she choose to be its host forever?

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