Seduced by the Symbiote

Seduced by the Symbiote

Seduced by the Symbiote is a science fiction horror story of a tentacle alien monster and a fertile female!

Arianny is the captain of a deep space salvage vessel. She’s lonely, down on her luck and desperate to earn enough money from salvage to turn her life around. Her current job is a last gasp bid to scrape enough money together so that she can pay her mounting debts. But she finds more than she bargained for, floating amongst the derelict space junk: a mysterious tank of unknown origin.

When the tank opens and a shapeshifting, tentacle alien symbiote emerges, Arianny finds that the creature plans to use her as a living host, filling her body – and belly – with itself. This rough dominant shifter alien has dark, explicit plans and wants control of Arianny’s body and mind.

Arianny tries to escape the huge, hard and hungry tentacle, but first she finds herself seduced by its relentless onslaught of taboo pleasures. She must try retain any vestige of her self as the ravenous alien uses its tentacles to stretch, stuff and explore her willing body in ever more extreme and lustful, stimulating ways, overwhelming her mind as well as her flesh.

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